Malibu Beach

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Heart is broken. </3

Ohh, i’m so sorry babe, but please do check this rp: oregonacademy-rp

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Hello Rpers

Well since we are having a major lack of activity we have decided to close this RP. We are really sorry but there has been no activity lately and the RP wont work if there’s no activity.

But theres this other RP: oregonacademy-rp that is really active and most of the people that were here already joined.

So please check it out and join. There are many FCs available and they are accepting OCs too.

Thank you for applying to Malibu beach in the first place. We really appreciate it. Hope to see you on the other RP.

-Admin I

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what active level are you? :p


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active like sport?

Hahah yes! HELL YEAH!

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what does activity level mean? :)

How active you’ll be

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Audition for Nicole McElroy, Accepted!!make your account ASAP!!

Name Haley
Age 15
Timezone Eastern
Activity level 8 or 9

Name of Character Nicole McElroy
Face claim Vanessa Hudgens
Sexual Orientation Bi-curious.

Para sample: Removed

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ooc: Anyone have any ideas for a bio?

I need one for the Olivia Brooks character.

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It's Nicole :3

Have a wonderfull summer, Nicole

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Cut down your posts guys
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School is over, summer begins. Every teenager want’s to have fun, why don’t you come to Malibu beach. Let me tell you a little bit about it.Party all night, sleep all day, that’s our Motto. That basically tells you all about Malibu beach. Well, not exactly. Malibu can be a perfect place to party and have fun, but all teenagers have their secrets, secrets that are not meant to be known by anyone. Let’s see if you find out what they are in your stay in, Malibu beach.

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